Svartisen Glacier (monochrome)

The celebrated Svartisen Glacier is one of Europe's largest glaciers, covering an enormous 370 Sq km.

At just 20 m above sea level, it is a stunning sight when viewed from a ship in the Holandsfjord.

These monochrome images of the Svartisen Glacier highlight the textures and forms of this astonishing glacier.

Svartisen Glacier
Surrounded by mountaintops and fertile hillsides, the Svartisen glacier is reflected in the green water of the Holandsfjord.

Svartisen Glacier
The name Svartisen comes from the old Norwegian word "svartis", which denotes the deep blue colour of the ice contrasting with the white snow and newer ice on the ice plateau.

If you round the Holandsfjord headland by boat, the magnificent panorama that suddenly comes upon you is guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand out.

The Svartisen Glacier looks completely unreal in the fertile green landscape, a white mass of ice with a sky-blue sheen.

The Svartisen ice mass spans a range of blue tones, from transparent ice through turquoise and dark blue.

The crevices in the ice are so deep, a human being could easily disappear into one of them.

Engenbreen is the point at which Svartisen, Northern Scandinavia's biggest glacier, gets closest to the sea.

The sight of the blue glacier ice tongue reflected in the Holandsfjord makes for one of those breathtaking moments when you are lost for words.

Arctic Circle Monument.
The Arctic Circle cuts through the Svartisen Glacier and acts as the frontier for the Arctic kingdom of the midnight sun.

Tiny enchanting villages dot the shores of the Holandsfjord.

Ornes is one of the most spellbinding small towns along the Holandsfjord.


Another quaint village along the Holandsfjord.

Halsa, at the entrance of the Holandsfjord.

Beautiful twilight scene at the entrance of Holandsfjord.
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