Stockholm Sights


One Stockholm. Fourteen islands. Eight centuries of history.

The list of things to see and do in Stockholm is endless, but here are some of the most spectacular sights.

The Royal Palace. 
The official residence of the King of Sweden. With over 600 rooms it is one of the largest palaces in Europe, with no less than five museums.

Changing of the Guards. 
This impressive ceremony at the Royal Palace consists of both foot parade and mounted parade, accompanied by a Band from the Swedish Armed Forces.

Monument to King Gustaf III 
It depicts the monarch dressed in a naval uniform, handing over an olive twig to the Swedish people.

A gold and jewel-encrusted ceremonial sword. 
The Royal Armoury located under the cellar vaults of the palace is a award-winning museum showing royal costumes, crowns, carriages, and weapons.

An ornately dressed horse carrying a Knight in shining armour.

The elaborately embellished Royal Carriage...

...and the Royal Sleigh.

The Vasa warship capsized and sank in Stockholm harbour in 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvaged.

Today Vasa is the world's only almost fully preserved 17th century ship. The Vasa museum is the most popular museum in Sweden. 
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