Stockholm Cityscapes


Stockholm attracts travellers from all over the world with its class and beauty.

Situated on Lake Mälaren, the city is spread across 14 islands interconnected by 57 bridges.

This is Stockholm on Lake Mälaren

A panoramic view of the city

Stockholm's waterfront consists of grand old buildings, beautifully preserved

Waterfront Kungsholmen is one of Stockholm's upmarket areas with colourful apartment buildings

Strandvagen is Stockholm's most impressive boulevard is lined with grand buildings that were designed during the 19th century by some of the best architects of the time

Boutique hotels on Strandvagen

In Summer, the sky over Stockholm is a deep blue with dramatic cloud formations, affording spectacular vistas of the cityscape. Here is a view of one of Stockholm's islands.

Stockholm is a major Baltic Sea cruise port, and is one of the favourite ways to arrive into the city.

A Schooner docked at Skeppsholmen, one of Stockholm's 14 islands.

This is Gamla Stan, the historic heart of Stockholm, and one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Europe.

Tour boats docked at the quay in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is like a living museum with it's narrow winding cobblestone streets and buildings in different shades of gold, lined with cafés, bars and souvenir shops.

The focal point of Gamla Stan is Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm.

The suburbs of Stockholm. Being situated on a lake, boating is a major pastime.

These are some of the residential buildings in the suburbs, built in the 1950's

The Stockholm Archipelago, just a few minutes away from the city, is a cluster of 30,000 islands, many of them of breathtaking beauty.

On the islands are situated country retreats of the rich and famous

Luxury house on an island. Boating is a way of life here.
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