Volendam, called "the pearl of the Zuiderzee" is a fishing village in Holland.

Volendam's traditional costume is one of best known examples of ancient clothing in the country. The women's costume, with its high-pointed bonnet, is one of the most recognisable of the Dutch traditional costumes.


Volendam waterfront

Ornate sailing ship in Volendam harbour

Beautifully decorated Bow of the sailing ship

Volendam Harbour

Life by the harbour

The world's favourite beer

Volendam museum, depicting life in the 19th century, and traditional costumes

Life on a fishing vessel in the 19th century

Traditional Dutch lace bonnets

Teatime in the 19th century

Scale model of a 19th century shipyard

A mosaic of 11 million cigar bands cover the walls and ceiling of this room in Volendam museum. 
This is the only room of its kind in the world.

Closeup of cigar bands

A beautiful day in Volendam 
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