Edam is where the world famous Edam cheese comes from.

The name Edam originates from a dam on the river E or IJe around which the town grew.

This is Edam

Houses on the river E at Edam

A family riding to market

Edam cheese market where farmers come to sell their cheese

A mouthwatering variety of cheese!

Built around 1770, this is the Weigh House at the Cheese Market.

A busy day at the market. Cheese is carried on sledges.

Cheese is brought to market by local farmers in little boats.

It is tradition to throw the cheese while unloading from the boat.

The beautiful Edam Cathedral

Ornate Organ at Edam Cathedral

Chandelier in Edam Cathedral

Life on the river at Edam

Drawbridge across the river
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Edam vs Gouda 
Edam and Gouda are the world famous cheese from The Netherlands. The only difference between the two is that Edam is made from skimmed milk, while Gouda is made from whole milk. The production process for both is identical. Thus, Gouda has a slightly heavier flavour compared to Edam.
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